Do I need to order a permit for 2nd session summer school?

  • If you are a returning student from the 17-18 academic year, Please log in and view your permits to see if your permit is still valid. If your permit is valid, no matter what parking permit you had (Satellite, WSF Church, sophomore, freshmen, commuter permits, etc... you can park in general lots on campus at no extra charge- for summer school only.
  • If you are a returning student and you do not have a valid permit, such as a spring only permit or you are bringing a car for the first time, then you must order a permit for 2nd session summer school
  • If you are a new, incoming student with a vehicle and attending summer school or early arrival classes, then you must order permits for 2nd session summer school. Please read our website to find out your parking permit options for summer parking. Summer permits are NOT valid for the upcoming academic year and you must order permits to park when you are notified.
  • Parking permits for the 18-19 academic year will not be on sale until later in the summer. Please watch for posts on our website and email that will be sent to you via the Transportation and Parking Services office ( and your graduate school program, if that applies to you.
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