Employee Permits

Temporary employees cannot order permits online. Permits are available in the Parking and Transportation Office, located in Alumni Hall. Our hours are 830am-430pm, Monday-Thursday and 830am-300pm on Fridays. You must bring your WFUID and your license plate and vehicle information to get a permit.

Part-time and adjunct employees will go online and order their permits. Permits will be delivered to your department, via campus mail. If you would rather pick up your permit the same day it is ordered, then please contact Parking and Transportation and let them know, so it is not mailed.

Regular, full-time employees will order permits online and they will be mailed to your department as well.

Important: Please list/choose all the cars you would like to use your permit on, when ordering the permit. Please do not list/choose a car that belongs to a student or another employee. Do not forget to notify us of any vehicle or license plate changes. Please come to our office if you will have a temporary vehicle for more than a 24 hour period, so we can issue a temporary permit to that vehicle. Even a temporary license plate number can be used to register the vehicle, so do not delay registration because of the lack of a license plate number. Be sure you are providing the actual license plate number and not the expiration date.

More detailed information about Parking Payroll Deduction Policy, Carpooling, Walking or Biking is available on our website: http://parking.wfu.edu

Parking Enforcement Questions? Parking Permit Questions?

Parking Enforcement During Finals?  Yes, parking rules and regulations are in effect during final exams!
Moving In and Out?  Read the Winter Break Notice on our website.
Parking During Winter Break?  Read the Winter Break Notice on our website.
Is parking rules enforced during RUSH?  Yes! Read the RUSH information posted on our website!
Returning From Abroad and Registering Your Vehicle?  Read the information on our website about returning from abroad. Off-campus students have a different process than on-campus students!
Going Abroad or Graduating and Need To Return Permits? Find out the process you must follow to get a credit to your student financial account- Hint...You must return your permits!
Bringing a Car In January? Registration for students begins January 4th...Sophomore students must come to the Parking and Transportation office to get permits. They will not be online.


Parking Portal

Welcome to the Parking Portal. Use this page to manage your parking account!
To file an appeal, students and employees must log into their parking account
using their WIN log in and password. Follow these directions:

  • Log in from the top right corner of the page, using your WIN log in.
  • After logging in, you will see a list of your permits, vehicles and citations. Click on the citation list.
  • Any citations still available for appeal will have a link to file an appeal.
  • Click on the active link to appeal.
  • Any citation older than 14 days will not be available for appeal.